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Belt and Road Initiative | Zoomlion tower cranes delivered to the Philippines for the construction of world-class high-end commercial residential projects


Recently, after a series of rigorous preparations, three new Zoomlion aurora green tower cranes have been successfully erected at the construction site of the high-end commercial building project “Harbour Place” in the Philippines, a country along the "Belt and Road Initiative". The arrival of these products marks a new breakthrough for Zoomlion in the Philippine market.

The “Harbour Place” commercial building project is located in Manila city government's key development block - coastal Bay area, with the west and south facing the sea. The project covers an area of about 10,800 square meters, with a total construction area of 252,000 square meters. The project includes top living facilities and will become a world-class leisure resort center and high-end living facilities after completion.

Zoomlion tower cranes at the construction site of the “Harbour Place” commercial building project

It is understood that the cranes used for the construction of the project are three Zoomlion T6013A-6A flat-heat tower cranes. In this cooperation, the "end-to-end" customized service provided by Zoomlion has been highly evaluated by the client. It was said that, after reaching a cooperation intention with the project contractor, China Construction Sixth Engineering Bureau Corp., Ltd., Zoomlion gave strong technical support and customized the plan for the client in all aspects from the equipment selection to the attachment scheme of the tower crane. As responsible person of China Construction Sixth Engineering Bureau Corp. said, “The initial technical communication alone took up to four months; Zoomlion has designed different attachment schemes by taking into full consideration the construction of super high-rise buildings and the operation and placement of each tower crane. Zoomlion's strong technical strength and comprehensive services have helped us a lot.”

At the same time, Zoomlion adheres to the "one-stop" service concept, providing clients with full-process services including product selection, transportation, customs clearance, crane erection, third-party testing, and operation training, maximizing the efficiency of product delivery and use.

As responsible person of China Construction Sixth Engineering Bureau Corp. said, “In this project, service engineers from Zoomlion Participated in and guided the erection, commissioning and third-party testing of the tower crane. Especially in the preparation of reinforcement cage for tower crane foundation, service engineers carefully surveyed the levelness, verticality and so on, ensuring that the installation is safe and orderly.”

It is understood that since the first half of 2021, Zoomlion has achieved a new breakthrough in the sales and delivery of tower crane in the Philippines with quality products and excellent service, and its market share in the local market has also been greatly increased.

Zoomlion will continue to "localize" the local market, create greater value for customers everywhere with excellent technology, high-end products and perfect services, and contribute to the construction of more projects.

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