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Zoomlion Demonstrates Reliability, Efficiency, and Speed during Construction of Egypt’s New Administrative Capital


Once a city is built, prosperity follows. In just 2 years’ time, the new capital CBD of Egypt was erected from the desert, adding another modern building complex to this ancient country. Zoomlion, as an important equipment provider for the project, had the great fortune of witnessing as well as contributing to the construction process from ground up. The sight of skyscrapers rising out of the desert in Egypt’s new administrative capital shows the world once again what Zoomlion is capable of, and how efficient the Belt and Road constructions can be when assisted by Chinese equipment.

Egypt’s new administrative capital is about 40 kilometers east of Cairo City and is one of the key Belt and Road projects. The contractor CSCEC started construction of the project in May 2018, which consists of 20 various purpose buildings. The project includes 12 high-rise office buildings, five high-rise apartment buildings, two luxury hotels, and a 385.8m tall Iconic Tower, which will be the tallest in Africa. The completion of the project will improve the infrastructure of Egypt's new administrative capital and living conditions for the locals.


Zoomlion Tower Crane at the Site of The CBD Project in Egypt

Zoomlion launched the T7530-16D, T7020-10E, T6513-8F, TC5610A-6A and other models that are able to withstand sand storms and high temperatures as per the contractor’s demands during procurement that the tower cranes and other equipment must be reliable and easily dismantled.


Zoomlion's Tower Crane Hoisting Prefabricated Modules at the Site of The CBD Project in Egypt


△Various Zoomlion Equipment Working at The Site of The CBD Project in Egypt


△Various Zoomlion Equipment Working at The Site of The CBD Project in Egypt

In early 2019, the Zoomlion tower cranes, boiler hoists, truck cranes, concrete pumps and other equipment known as the "Green Miracle Corps" were in place for installation and commissioning. In just 10 days, three medium-sized T7530-16D Zoomlion tower cranes were installed, accepted and put into use, which kicked off construction of the project.

Even though it was in the middle of the Chinese New Year, Zoomlion engineers were at the construction site in Cairo to assist with any issues. From the installation of the tower cranes, to the design of the basic scheme, to the inspection on the arrival of hundreds of containers, Zoomlion workers were always in the field working together with the contractor, ensuring the project was delivered on time with high quality. Luo Wenxin, a service engineer from Zoomlion told us that he and his colleagues all stayed for the project during the Chinese New Year to ensure the equipment was always in good condition.

Many local construction companies paid visits to the construction site to check out this benchmark project. Not only did they see Zoomlion equipment in person, they also experienced Zoomlion’s professional, timely, efficient service. Impressed by the quality of “Made in China” tower cranes, many of them signed procurement orders with Zoomlion.

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