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New landmark under the “the Belt and Road Initiative” - Zoomlion Tower Cranes enables the construction of Montenegro's first expressway


Five Zoomlion T7020-10E tower cranes are operating on the piers of the north-south expressway in Montenegro, Balkans. This is also the first time that Zoomlion tower crane has entered Montenegro for construction. Zoomlion has taken an active part in the economic construction of the Balkan Peninsula in recent years, and undertaken many major projects such as energy and transportation, making contributions to the urbanization of Montenegro.

Zoomlion T7020-10E tower crane,Enabling the "millennium project" in Montenegro

The north-south expressway project is an important infrastructure construction project under "the Belt and Road Initiative" and "17+1 Cooperation” framework, which is also the largest infrastructure project since its independence, and a flagship project of economic and trade cooperation between China and Montenegro. The north-south expressway project in Montenegro is about 180 km long and is an important passage to the interior of Europe. The section from Smokovac to Matesevo, which is the most difficult section for construction, is undertaken by China Communications Construction Company Limited and China Road & Bridge Corporation. Its total length is about 41 kilometers, the total length of tunnels is 18.3 kilometers, the total length of Bridges is 6.25 kilometers, and the ratio of bridge and tunnel is about 60%.

After completion, this section will greatly improve the driving conditions in the northern mountainous areas of Montenegro and enhance the competitiveness of Bar Port in Montenegro. According to the government plan of Montenegro, the 41km-long Smokovac-Matesevo section will be connected with the E763 highway under construction in Serbia, connecting a number of countries in central Europe. After completion, it will boost the long-term development of the region's tourism industry, improve the economic imbalance and strengthen Montenegro's relationship with European countries.

Efficient and continuous operation of Zoomlion tower crane,Gaining praise from clients

In 2017, the construction company, China Road & Bridge Corporation, purchased five T7020-10E tower cranes from Zoomlion for operation in the Kolashim area, 70 kilometers away from the capital Podgorica. Despite the remote location and harsh conditions in the area, the five Zoomlion tower cranes have been operating normally for more than 6,500 hours.

The height of the tower crane is 65 meters, the maximum boom length is 70 meters, the maximum lifting weight is 10 tons, and the boom tip lifting weight can reach 2 tons, meeting the needs of hoisting steel bars and formwork on piers. This tower crane does not need to be attached for easy assembly and disassembly. The product adopts 2.2m cross-section mortise-type standard section, which can enhance the stability and reduce the volume in shipping.

Zoomlion tower crane, enabling the construction of the largest expressway in Montenegro

The person in charge of China Road & Bridge Corporation said, "We select Zoomlion among many machinery enterprises, not only because of the recognition of Zoomlion brand, but also because of the very perfect overseas service guarantee, which can provide all-round service and technical support for tower cranes.”

It is understood that the Overseas Marketing Department of Zoomlion specially arranged two service engineers to stay at the site of the north-south highway project in Montenegro in turn, to provide equipment 24 hours service guarantee and technical support for the client. In the process of loading and unloading the tower crane, meetings were organized to inform relevant personnel of relevant matters for attention and important information of each component, and then the plan of installing and dismantling the tower crane was formulated according to observation; due to the limited space of the yard, the Zoomlion service engineer planned the plan in advance and guided the staff in time to ensure the smooth completion of the work.

Because of the superior quality, performance and service of Zoomlion, the client indicated that the Zoomlion brand would be preferred in subsequent construction projects.

With the further development of "the Belt and Road Initiative" and economic construction in the Balkans, more and more Zoomlion equipment will enter the Balkan Peninsula for construction; Zoomlion will fully explore the local market to provide quality products and efficient services for “the Belt and Road Initiative” and the "17+1 Cooperation” framework.

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