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Zoomlion Witnesses Rapid Overseas Growth in the First Half of the Year, Keeping Pace with the Development of the Belt and Road Initiative



A glimpse at Zoomlion’s overseas performance in the first half of 2021



Making Its Marks Overseas

Receiving Rave Reviews from the Media for Outstanding Overseas Performance

China's domestic economy improved steadily in the first half of the year. In particular, the construction machinery industry started to boom and foreign trade exports achieved rapid growth. As orders kept pouring in, Zoomlion was extensively covered by major media both at home and abroad for its outstanding overseas performance.


On April 1, People's Daily (overseas edition) published the article Look! A Real "Hercules" (Get the Ball Rolling in the First Year of the 14th Five-Year Plan) on its front page. According to the article, Zoomlion’s heavy machinery equipment such as crawler cranes and concrete pump trucks were selling like hot cakes overseas. The news was also covered several times by Xinhua News Agency and China News Service.




Cutting the Mustard with Amazing Power

Sales Hit New Record High

In the first half of the year, based on its powerful technical strength, Zoomlion succeeded in entering the overseas high-end market which had been monopolized by European and American brands for years, with its export delivery keeping setting new records. The market share of the brand was soaring during this period as overseas sales of crawler cranes, tower cranes, and high-altitude operation machinery equipment all hit new record high.


Zoomlion signed a contract with Turkey for an order on exporting a 2000-ton crawler crane to the latter, setting a new record for the largest tonnage crane that China has ever exported.



Zoomlion’s first type of customized gantry tower crane was exported to Indonesia, opening a "door" to the new market.



More than 100 units of "Creation 101", a type of Zoomlion’s earthmoving machinery equipment, were delivered to Southeast Asia.


With a good reputation in high-end markets in Europe and America, Zoomlion’s Telescopic boom lifts and Articulating boom lifts embrace hot sale in more than 50 countries such as the UK, Turkey, Italy, Canada, etc.




The first in China! Zoomlion Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. became the long-term agricultural machinery supplier of the United Nations upon winning the bid.


Zoomlion’s green intelligent products, known as “Team Green”, made a dazzling debut at the Bauma CTT Russia, winning intention-based orders worth a total of US$ 11 million.



Zoomlion’s tower cranes were delivered to the Philippines to serve world-class high-end commercial housing projects - a typical case of high-end equipment for high-end projects!



“Aurora Green” Playing Their Roles during Construction

Winning the Favor of Customers and Leading the Industry

While contributing to the construction all over the world, “Team Green” has earned high recognition from more and more international high-end users, which demonstrates the outstanding capability of the company in technological innovation. Zoomlion has applied for patents in more than 20 countries and regions such as the US, Germany, Brazil, Japan, etc., ranking first in the industry in terms of the number of international patent applications. In addition, a number of international standards that Zoomlion has compiled have been put into practice, fully demonstrating the company's leading position in the industry.


Zoomlion was proud that several of its customized tower cranes had served the construction of Avenue South Residence in Singapore, known as the highest prefabricated residential project in the world.



Zoomlion’s crawler crane was selected as "C Position" by several wind power hoisting projects in Vietnam.


Zoomlion's 49-meter pump truck was put into use on the elevated expressway to the airport in Dhaka, Bangladesh.


Zoomlion's twin-boom tower cranes were used to build Istanbul International Financial Center, the highest building in the Mediterranean area.



Eight large-tonnage tower cranes were used to build Lussel Stadium, the main venue of World Cup Qatar 2022, demonstrating the fact that "Made in China" is making its way all over the world!



The tower crane family in “Team Green” was used in the construction of the CBD project of Egypt's new administrative capital, endowing the new city with a new look.


Zoomlion’s twin-boom tower cranes was used to build two cross-sea bridges in Tanzania which have been in service for a decade.



Go abroad,Fly up High!

Aim High and Stay Ahead

Zoomlion has always followed the international development path and closely kept pace with the "Belt and Road Initiative" while creating a new pattern for its overseas development. Through more than ten years of development, Zoomlion has successfully built the "Belt and Road" localized manufacturing cluster and achieved the leapfrog development of "going global", "going in" and "going up".

Zoomlion is among the first batch of companies to settle in Great Stone, a flagship project of the "Belt and Road Initiative". Zoomlion Base in Belarus, which has been officially put into operation, is regarded as the bridgehead for opening up the Russian-speaking market.



In May, Zoomlion’s new factory in Europe, which was built in Mantova, an important town in northern Italy, was officially completed and put into production, which would further help the company to establish its leading position in the European market and improve its global presence.

So far, Zoomlion has created an overseas pattern of "two horizontals and two verticals" along the "Belt and Road" route, horizontally across Eurasia and emerging markets in Asia and vertically across America and Africa.


Zoomlion’s presence along the Belt and Road route

9 production bases

20 trading platforms

10 spare parts centers/warehouses

With branch companies, subsidiaries, marketing offices and scientific research institutions in more than 40 countries all over the world

More than 100 sales outlets

Keep creating value for customers in more than 100 countries on six continents across the world

Over the eight years since the concept of the "Belt and Road Initiative" was put forward, Zoomlion has been an active participant and created a new growth pole overseas from product export, and self-export of domestically-purchased construction equipment to foreign countries, to self-built production bases. In the future, Zoomlion will take a more active part in global construction, adjust and optimize its global industrial layout and resource allocation, and build itself into a leader of the global equipment manufacturing industry, thus making new and greater contributions to China's transition from a big manufacturing country to a manufacturing power.


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