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ZCC9800W, Known as King of Wind Turbines, Creates New “China Height” in Vietnam!


Recently, the last blade was installed onto the hub, marking that the Wind Power Project in Tỉnh Gia Lai, Vietnam (the Project) had successfully completed the hoisting of the first wind generating unit and entered the period of installation of wind turbines. The Project, located in Anxi County, Tỉnh Gia Lai in south-central Vietnam, is one of the important projects of the "Belt and Road" Development Zone. It is planned to construct 28 3.3MW wind generating units, with a total installed capacity of 92.4MW, and to realize full-capacity grid-connected power generation on October 31, 2021.


It happened that Yuanjing EN156-140 3.3MW wind turbine, the first hoisting model of CA-13, found its application during the "Rush of Installation" in Vietnam. In order to ensure the smooth completion of the task, the construction party of the Project selected Zoomlion ZCC9800W crawler crane without hesitation and made full preparations such as "pre-planning" and "simulated hoisting" prior to the hoisting operation.

Despite the high-intensity and difficult construction conditions, Zoomlion ZCC9800W still did not let them down and completed the task in 15 hours. Without making a single mistake, ZCC9800W precisely installed three blades as long as more than 80 meters onto the hub, successfully completing the hoisting task of the first wind turbine of the Project and once again demonstrating its excellent lifting performance, superior operation & control, and convenient disassembly and transportation advantages.

As a type of star product of Zoomlion which was put on the market in 2018, ZCC9800W crawler crane has debut at Bauma China 2018 and Changsha International Construction Equipment Exhibition in 2019, and won the Application Contribution Award for its pioneering multiple variable-diameter combined boom (with the longest boom of 178m and the maximum lifting height of 180m), setting a new record for super-long boom combination in the industry. Hailed as the “King of Wind Turbines”, ZCC9800W can meet the hoisting requirements for 160-meter-high 2.2-MW wind turbines and 140-meter-high 3-MW wind turbines. So far, it has served a number of large wind turbine hoisting projects.


With the development of the "Belt and Road Initiative" and the urgent need of new energy reform, there has been a surge in demand in Vietnam for green and clean wind power energy and for wind power construction. Currently, there has appeared a “Rush of Installation” of wind turbines in Vietnam and ZCC9800W has been used in many wind power projects there, helping Zoomlion earn the reputation of "Made in China" in Southeast Asia while providing high-quality products and excellent services.


"After we came to Vietnam, we found that customers were quite satisfied with our equipment!" According to general manager Li, ZCC9800W is designed based on various working conditions, but it is mainly used for wind power hoisting for its amazing lifting ability. With the maximum lifting weight of up to 180 tons and the carrying capacity of 180 tons at a height of 147 meters, its lifting performance is far better than that of the same type of other brands. Due to the special requirements of wind power hoisting operation, the window period of construction operation is sometimes very short, which puts forward extremely high requirements for the assembly efficiency of equipment. The maximum weight of the single piece of ZCC9800W equipment is less than 40 tons, which makes it convenient for transportation and possible to complete the assembly of the whole equipment within 24 hours. In addition, there is no need to provide super-lifting counterweight, which greatly reduces the operating cost.


Apart from its excellent overall performance, ZCC9800W also focuses on every detail. Zoomlion Crane had localized the equipment before it rolled off the production line. The screen, keys and lifting gauge of the equipment and its operation manuals and technical specifications had all been changed to Vietnamese for the convenience of customers. In terms of intelligent layout, customers are deeply impressed by the accurate operation of the equipment at a height of 100 meters which helps minimize possible human mistakes. In addition, the operation interface of the equipment has been standardized and the system translated into Vietnamese, making it easy for customers to read.


Aside from its excellent product performance, Zoomlion Cranes also provides superb services. ZCC9800W's delivery to Vietnam can be described as “full of twists and turns”. Vietnam's boarding and customs clearance procedures are cumbersome, the road laws and regulations vary from province to province, and the road conditions in the southeast where the project is located are poor, which made it more difficult to transport the equipment. Considering these difficulties, Zoomlion offered to help the project party to transport ZCC9800W to Vietnam with sincere and considerate services.


On the other hand, due to the epidemic, all entry personnel had to go through strict approval formalities in Vietnam, while local operators could not go to China to receive training. In order to keep the ball rolling, Zoomlion Cranes had dispatched a technical service team to Vietnam in advance so that on-site training for local operators could be conducted in time. So far, Zoomlion Cranes has successfully found its way into Southeast Asia with its most considerate services.

Over these years, in unremitting pursuit of excellence, Zoomlion Cranes has always adhered to the core concept of the brand - "Creating a Brilliant Future with Innovative Ideas" and kept blazing new trails while serving the society with heart and soul. This time, Zoomlion Cranes once again created a new “China Height” in Vietnam with its excellent products and superb services!

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