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Flexing Muscles! Zoomlion Earth Working Machinery Co., Ltd.’s Overseas Revenue Increases Nearly 200% Year on Year


Recently, several 70-ton Zoomlion excavators were shipped from Zoomlion Weinan Industrial Park to the African countries along the "Belt and Road" route. The batch delivery of large excavators is another example of the trust and recognition of overseas markets to the technical strength and brand influence of Zoomlion Earth Working Machinery Co., Ltd.


▲The site of delivery of Zoomlion ZE700Esp excavators

With its perfect market layout and excellent product performance, Zoomlion Earth Working Machinery is ushering in an era of fast growth in overseas markets. It is reported that in the first half of the year, Zoomlion Earth Working Machinery’s overseas revenue increased nearly 200% year on year.

Besides its popular products, Zoomlion has also earned high recognition from overseas customers for its considerate services, which has greatly boosted its market sales. Recently, Zoomlion Earth Working Machinery's "Overseas Service Tour" 2021 (the second stop) found its way into the United Arab Emirates. The overseas service team of the company interviewed end users, repaired the equipment, provided guidance and training for local operators and solved the remaining difficult problems, winning wide recognition for its high service quality and efficiency and effectively guaranteeing the product quality and the company's reputation.


▲Zoomlion Earth Working Machinery's "Overseas Service Tour" 2021 (the second stop) finding its way into the UAE

This time, the batch delivery of large tonnage excavators to Africa is an epitome of the vigorous development of Zoomlion Earth Working Machinery in overseas markets. In Dubai, the most populous city in the United Arab Emirates, the largest photothermal photovoltaic power station project in its territory in which Zoomlion excavators had a part, has been put into commercial operation recently. As an important hub of the "Belt and Road Initiative" and an economic and trade center in the Middle East, Dubai is of great strategic significance in overseas markets. As early as in 2007, Zoomlion established presence in the Middle East market by setting up Zoomlion Gulf Subsidiary in Dubai, which is a central platform integrating administration, warehousing, spare parts, service and logistics. Through ten-plus years of development, Zoomlion has successfully built the "Belt and Road" localized manufacturing cluster, achieving a leap from "going global" to "going in" and "going up".

In addition, it is worth mentioning that, thanks to the quick recovery of overseas markets in the first half of the year, Zoomlion has delivered an outstanding performance in overseas markets, not only successfully breaking the pattern in which the overseas high-end product market has been long monopolized by European and American brands, but also setting new records in export delivery, with overseas sales of crawler cranes, tower cranes and high-altitude operation machinery equipment reaching new heights.


▲Zoomlion Earth Working Machinery’s equipment shipped to Russia and Central Asia by railway

Zoomlion adheres to the road of international development. Driven by the development pattern of the "Belt and Road Initiative" and "Double Circulation", Zoomlion will continue to expand its presence in the domestic and international markets and insist on delivering excellent products and services so as to put the enterprise on a faster track in its opening-up to the outside world.

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